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How to Ceili Dance


Ceili Dancing Link to Angelfire
Ceili vs Set dancing article
Ceili Dancing.Com

The Walls of Limerick


This is an Irish reel for sets of two couples with first couple facing second couple, with the Ladies on the Gent’s right.

Progressive Sicilian circle: couples are arranged around the hall with the first couples facing anticlockwise and the second couples facing clockwise. At the end of each sequence the 1s progress on to meet the next 2s ahead of them in an anticlockwise direction; the 2s progress on to meet the next 1s ahead of them in a clockwise direction

Alternatively, this can be danced as a long set with alternate couples being 1s and 2s. The 1s progress up the set, the 2s progress down the set. When a couple reaches either end of the set they step out of the dance for one turn, then re-enter changing from 2s to 1s at the top or from 1s to 2s at the bottom.


All Couples Advance retire twice – holding inside hands with partner 8 bars
Ladies + Gents Ladies change places by sidestepping to the left with 7s and 3s facing each other 4 bars
  Gents change places by sidestepping to the right with 7s and 3s – facing each other + 4 bars
Opposites Sidestep away from centre with opposite person – right hand in right using 7s and 3s, then back to the centre 8 bars
All Couples Swing in ceili hold turning out to the same direction as you were originally facing 8 bars

32 bars


Claddagh Two Hand Jig

Claddagh Two Hand Jig
Written by Sam Keator, TMRF, 2008
In commemoration of the Tír Eoghain 30th Anniversary All-Ireland Cultural Society of Oregon

**note** while looking at my Claddagh Ring my now wife Anne Doherty bought me in Dublin, this dance came to me. Thanks for all of her support and love and all of the support of the Portland community that love this great cultural experience: IRISH CÉILÍ!,

Lead Round - 16 bars
Couple promenades clockwise to opposite side (4 bars) then while the gent dances in place and pivots, the lady dances around him anti-clockwise (4 bars), then the couple finish the circle to place then while the lady dances in place and pivots, the gent dances around her clockwise

Sides - 8 bars
Couple sidesteps together to their right and end with a right rise and grind, then returns to place sidestepping left ending with a left rise and grind

Hand - 8 bars
Gent and lady both promenade (skipping step) 2 - 3's at an angle away from their partner (gents dance off to the left, whilst the lady dances off toward the right), quick sevens to change places with partner. Then both promenades (skipping step) 2 - 3's bring in the angle to the top of the ring, quick sevens to change places with partner to proper position.

Crown & Heart - 8 bars
Both gent and lady individually advance 1 bar angled away from partner and retires 1 bar (skip up, skip back), then repeat at a bit more of an angle (4 bars), then cast off, gents to the left, lady to the right in the shape of an half heart back to original places (4 bars)

Fingers - 8 bars
Both gent and lady advance and retire as the crown but with two skips up, two skips back, at an angle away from their partner and the second advance a bit further yet

Band - 8 bars
Couple now sidesteps away from partner (gents left, lady right) ending with a rise and grind, and then sidestep back to partner ending with a rise and grind. Note on the final grind, face partner

Swing to finish - 8 bars